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    Understanding What Compounding is & Custom Medication

    Understanding What Compounding is & Custom Medication

    Compounding is the design of pharmaceutical product to fit the unique need of a patient. Millions of patients have personal health needs that could only be met with personalized compounded medicine under compounded medication. Using appropriate tools, a trained licensed pharmacist is capable of producing individualized compounded medicines.

    Sometimes a large pharmaceutical manufacturer discontinues a much-needed medication. Often this happens because it is unprofitable to keep mass-producing it. Hundreds or even thousands of patients still may need that medication. A compounding pharmacist can make the medication by compounding it. Even if only you still need that medication, you can have it…thanks to compounding!

    Most mass produced drugs often have limited available dosages. The opportunity to make dosages for individual patients’ need is valuable for patients, physicians, and pharmacist. The demand for professional compounding has increased as healthcare professionals and patients realize that the limited number of strengths and dosage forms that are commercially available do not meet the needs of many patients, and that these patients often have a better response to a customized dosage form. This method allows the compounding pharmacist to work with the patient and the prescriber to customize a medication to meet the patient’s specific needs.

    A patient or a child cannot swallow tablets or capsules, a pharmacist can prepare it into liquid, cream, suppository, lollipop, or a format the patient can easily take. Some patients are allergic to preservatives, dyes, gluten, and other additives, but a compounding pharmacist can individualize medication for that patient.

    Compounding is fundamental to the profession of pharmacy and was the usual way of providing prescription medications prior to the mass-producing of drugs by pharmaceutical manufacturers in the 1950s. For some patients, individualized medications prescribed by licensed physician and prepared by trained, licensed pharmacists are the only way to better health. Working with a physician, a compounding pharmacist can accomplish personalized needs of children, adults, and animals.

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