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A compounding pharmacy can provide a solution when certain medical circumstances exist. The exact nature of pharmaceuticals that are mass manufactured are often quite rigid, and their offerings may not suit the needs of everyone who could benefit from the medication. For example, there may be a drug that comes in certain dosages that are logical for adult patients, and it may come in pill form. This is well and good if the person who needs the medication can swallow pills and handle the dose, but what about children? This is where we can enter the picture to solve the dilemma.

As an online compounding pharmacy, Medica has the ability to prepare medications on a personalized basis that are suitable for each respective patient. We can take the practitioner’s prescription and customize the form, the strength, the ingredients, and the flavors. Using our example, we could reduce the strength of the dose for a child, and we could prepare a liquid formula that tastes pleasing to a youngster. This is one example, but an online compounding pharmacy like ours can be engaged to create medication that has been discontinued by major pharmaceutical companies, and we can remove ingredients that may cause allergic reactions in certain patients. The medications that we provide for our clients are second to none, but we also pride ourselves on the affordability of our offerings.

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You are putting a great deal of faith in the provider that you work with if you engage the services of a South Florida compounding pharmacy, and we fully understand this dynamic. The Medica team is comprised of dedicated, highly educated and skilled professional pharmacists who go the extra mile to satisfy the needs of patients, health care practitioners, hospitals, clinics, and specialty practices. Our sterile compounding pharmacy services even extend to the field of veterinary medicine. We are also quite proud of the fact that we have made significant investments in high-tech, state-of-the-art compounding pharmacy tools and equipment, so we are sitting poised the cutting edge of the industry.

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