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Sterile Products

As a premier pharmacy, Medica Pharmacy & Compounding has always complied the standards for sterile compounding preparations. We employ experienced personnel who are certified in conducting aseptic techniques to prepare compounded sterile preparations. All our products are also tested for potency, endotoxins, and sterility.

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We offer Sterile Preparations for:

Medica Pharmacy & Compounding complies the compounding standards for the safety and health of our customers. These include the following:

  • USP 795 – We have quality control procedures in place. We also follow the required protocols, procedures, processes, and equipment laid out by the United States Pharmacopeia when it comes to compounding.
  • USP 797 – We see to it that we formulate medications that are consistent in potency and strength. Additionally, we always see to it that we compound medications according to their intended usage. We have a team of personnel who understands and fulfills their respective responsibilities to properly formulate, store, and test compounded medications for our patients.
  • USP 800 – We also look after the safety of our personnel. We make sure that they are wearing the right protective gear when handling hazardous drugs and know the safety procedures when doing so.

We also keep ISO standards in mind, especially when it comes to the facilities where we compound our consumers’ medications. Our facilities are controlled to prevent contamination during the compounding process. ISO has a clean room classification system in place according to the quality of air inside the manufacturing facility. The higher the ISO number classification, the larger particles are permitted per cubic meter of air inside the facility. Our cleanrooms are classified ISO 5, ISO 6, ISO 7 and ISO 8.

By being compliant with these standards, you can trust on us to deliver safe and effective compounding services with the highest quality. We take our obligations seriously in order to provide you with the compounded medications that you need for good health.

Please consult our pharmacists for expert advice on sterile compounding. You can also give us a call at 305-570-1933.

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