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Progesterone is a female sex hormone that is mainly produced in the ovaries following ovulation every month. It is a vital part of the menstrual cycle and it is important during pregnancy. Progesterone is important in the regulation of your cycle, and its main job is to prepare a woman’s uterus for pregnancy. After your ovulation every month, progesterone thickens your uterine lining in preparation of a fertilized egg.

If there is no fertilized egg, your progesterone levels will drop again and then your menstruation begins. If there is a fertilized egg, progesterone is essential to help maintain the uterine lining during the course of your pregnancy. Low progesterone can lead to thyroid dysfunction, weight gain, irregular menstrual cycle, ectopic pregnancy, and miscarriage.

At Medica Pharmacy & Compounding, we offer several treatment options for women with low progesterone levels. We have oral medications, creams and gels, suppositories, and compounded medications.

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