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HCG Protocol

Although HCG is widely recognized as a hormone produced during pregnancy, there are HCG diets circulating with the promise of losing weight. The idea behind HCG Protocol is prompting the hypothalamus gland to function at a higher competence so that it can deal with unwanted and abnormal fat cells which have not been metabolized. This is done with a combination of specific doses of HCG paired with a diet that involves minimal calories at around 500 calories a day.

Generally, the HCG Protocol involves four phases: Detox, Rapid Weight Loss, Reset, and finally, Maintenance. When one has successfully complied with the HCG Protocol, the body’s comfortable weight is said to normalize with increased metabolism, thereby getting rid of the fats and retaining the muscle. As a result, the individual can practically maintain a fulfilling but healthy diet without refined sugars and starch. The protocol presented in a way that it is easy to follow which makes it a popular weight loss option for those with obesity problems. Based on this theory, the hypothalamus gland’s function is, in a way, reset to promote weight loss.

However, before you start any weight loss program, you need to consult with your primary physician. It is important to consider your health history or any other medical issue that could affect your available options for dealing with obesity.


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