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Dry Sockets

A dry socket is a painful condition that may form after a tooth has been extracted. Once a tooth is removed, a blood clot is supposed to form. However, if this blood clot does not form or is somehow lost, it can cause to form a dry socket. This means your underlying nerves are completely exposed. This is very painful and it can affect many aspects of your life. Having to endure that much pain will reduce your focus at work, make you irritable, and probably even affect your food choices. Not being able to enjoy simple joys like eating your lunch can be very disheartening.

At our pharmacy, we stock numerous pharmaceutical solutions to this mouth condition. First of all, we have many great painkillers that you can use and we also have remedies and other forms of dental care medications that can help protect the nerves in the socket.

If you are interested in finding out more about our dry socket solutions and how we can assist you, please feel free to drop by our pharmacy or give us a call at 305-570-1933.

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