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Dogs are commonly referred to as “man’s best friend”. As such, we always try to treat our dogs with the highest care and love that we can provide. When you have a pet dog, you would certainly want them to live a long and healthy life so that they can keep you company longer. However, illnesses and disease can’t always be avoided no matter how much you try to pamper your dog. When your furry pets get sick, it is vital that you take them to their vet right away and provide them with the exact medications that they need.

Just like humans, dogs require specific medications depending on their condition too. While there are over-the-counter dog care products that you can purchase, Medica Pharmacy & Compounding offers compounded medications that can better meet your dog’s needs. We offer compounded medications such as flea and tick control, kidney health, gastrointestinal care, urinary health, allergy relief, metabolic care, and more.

Our trained pharmacists are knowledgeable in the art and science of veterinary compounding, so make sure to Consult with a Pharmacist now. If you have other concerns, you can call us at 305-570-1933 for assistance.

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